Holiday Special | DNA Surface Concepts

What is the DNA Surface Concepts "ALPHA" Package?

Just the slickest, sleekest, sexiest gift you can give to your beloved car enthusiast! 

DNA Surface Concepts offers a proprietary ceramic coating that lasts a lifetime.  With 3 layers of Automic for the painted surfaces and trim, this ceramic, glass-like coating resists surface aging and damage caused by the environment, resulting in a smooth and silky finish that’s easy to maintain.  Next, we apply 2 layers of Aquanetic on the windshield and 1 layer on the side and rear glass. Under the hood and door jambs, we apply 1 layer of revitalizing Regen-X, which unlocks the anti-stick properties that keep grime from sticking, creating a sinfully smooth, hydrophobic surface.  Finally, for that extra touch that adds some bling, we apply 2 layers of Black Pearl Tire Armour.  This multi-phase, intensive process, keeps your baby protected, even when the harshest elements are present.  It's a great gift that goes BEYOND THE DETAILS***Add-on protection packages also available!